WhichGenes API

The WhichGenes API allows programmers to access WhichGenes functionalities in a programmatic way, through a RESTful Web Service. Using this service, the server can be accessed from multiple programming languages, allowing researchers to wire WhichGenes results to their experiments. At this time, the API offers the gene retrieval operations, including data sources listing, catalog listing and query execution.

Like any RESTful Web Service, operations are performed via web queries with a well-defined URL structure. The server API is located at http://www.whichgenes.org/api/

Data Sources Listing

Lists all data sources that the server can access at this moment. The URL is:


Catalogue Listing

There are two types of data sources: free-text query data sources and constrained query data sources. The latter only accept a closed set of query terms. These terms are listed when no query is given. So an example of this listing can be seen at:


Query Execution

Executing a query on a data source is performed via:


In the case of free-text query data sources this URL could be an example:


In the case of constrained query data sources, the {query} must be a valid id, or a comma separated list of ids, of the catalog. This URL could be an example:


Get available namespaces for conversion

Getting the available namespaces for conversion of genesets is done via


Get user's basket

Getting the sets of a given user in his basket is done via:


Get genes of a given geneset in a user's basket

Getting the available namespaces for conversion of genesets is done via


The namespace is optional. By default human genesets are given in HGNC Symbol and mouse genesets are given in MGI-Symbol